Proper Procedures In The Event Of An Home Invasion

Having a solid plan can save your life in the event of a home invasion. Follow this advice to create a plan for your household.

If an intruder is inside, stay as quiet as possible. Try to listen to determine the number of intruders and their movement pattern.

Go to a safe place, like a safe room or an interior closet protected by a sturdy door. If that is not an option, gather all household members in a room and barricade it using furniture and the heaviest objects you can move.

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What’s Good for the Home is Good for Your Insurance

At least that’s typically the case when it comes to home security systems. We’ve spoken at great length about personal safety and home security. There’s so much information out there that all you really need to do is click here for more or fire up a search engine and get to typing.

One thing that we have not really gone into tremendous detail about is how home security systems positively impact the home insurance. To understand this, we must first understand what most home insurance premiums look like.

Granted, this is just estimation, but the average household can end up paying up to 600 a year on their premiums. That’s a pretty big chunk of change and one that many homeowners would love to see reduced.

Well, it turns out that some home insurance providers actually do offer discounts of up to 20 percent on insurance premiums due to the presence of a system. Makes sense when you think about it.

Home security systems minimize the chances of a break-in and, by extension, the chances that you will need to take out a policy to repair damages from a break-in. Some systems also protect against other home emergencies like fires.

And, of course, there is the inherent safety and peace of mind that these systems can bring but you didn’t really need to be told that.

The Top Five Home Security Systems On The Market

If you do not have a security system installed in your home, then you should definitely consider getting one. Studies have shown that criminals are much more likely to break into a home that does not have a security system. Protect America has been voted the best security system. It has received a 5/5 rating. Not only does Protect America offer 24 hour protection, but this company also offers free equipment. Furthermore, the services start at just 19.99 per month.

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How Do Wireless Home Security Alarms Work?

Wireless home security alarms are one of the methods companies are using to protect homes against invasions and robberies. A strategy they employ is to connect the alarm to your cell phone. In the event that the telephone lines are down in your area, the alarm will still be able to function properly. Basically, the wireless alarms provide back-up protection for you. When you are having the system installed, be sure to ask lots of specific questions about the connection between your cell phone and the security system.

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Insurance Coverage For The Possessions Inside Of Your House

Most people know that they absolutely must have insurance for their house and their cars; however, they do not consider the possessions inside of their house. What are the reasons for such insurance? Well, let’s say that someone breaks into your home. Insurance is not going to cover the emotional and mental consequences that you will face from the robbery, but it can help you to gain back some of the money that you have spent on these items. Furthermore, sometimes during construction work Read the rest of this entry »

Gun Protection Versus Non-Lethal Protection For Your Home

Statistics show that crime is becoming more rampant with each passing year. Neighborhoods that were once considered safe are now becoming targeted areas for home invaders. Because of this, every family should be prepared to protect themselves from those who may hurt or kill them in order to get their possessions.

Having a gun in your home comes with a lot of responsibility. Every member of the family should take a gun safety course to understand this responsibility. Each member should also practice shooting the gun on a regular Read the rest of this entry »

How To Start A Local Neighborhood Watch Program

It’s no secret that people want their communities to be safe. When a town is regarded as a safe place to live, friendly people want to move there and share their lives with the current residents. To ensure that safety remains a top priority in your town, start a neighborhood watch program.

The first people to ask are those who you are sure will be interested. Families with small children and individuals who are quite active in the community already Read the rest of this entry »